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Caramel Love de Donawitz


*** STUD DOG ***


International Beauty Champion C.I.B.
International Show Champion C.I.E.

Grand champion of Czech republic
Grand champion of Slovakia
Grand champion of Hungary

Champion of Poland
Champion of Slovakia
Champion of Czech Republic
Champion of Slovenia
Champion of Hungary
Champion of Serbia
Champion of Romania

Junior champion of Hungary
Junior champion of Slovakia
Junior champion of Czech Republic


BISS at weimaraner club show
BIS at regional show
BIS working dog

Multi BIG & Multi BOB
Best in show male
National winner & Regional winner


Hungarian Derby Winner 2011, Grand Prix Slovakia Winner 2012
Victory Junior Winner 2012 & Best of King Junior 2012
Winner of Dětřichov 2012, German Winner 2013


Candidate of champion ČMKU, champion of Germany, grand champion of Romania, grand  champion of Slovenia


Field exams - I. prize
Special Water exams - I. prize
Forest exams - I. prize, WINNER!!!

Blood track exams - I. prize, WINNER!!!


HD: A/A   
ED: 0/0
Longhair carrier (LHC): negative
DNA profiled


Pedigree name: Caramel Love de Donawitz

Call name: Tyler
Colour: silver-grey
Sex: male
Kennel: de Donawitz (ČR)
Breeder: Lenka Mikundová
Owner: Tereza Křížová
Mother: Multich. Interch. Eternal Vision At Sirius Nova "U"

Father: CH Sireva Minstergate Paganini JW
Siblings: 4 brotheres and 2 sisters
Date of birth: 31. 8. 2010
Time of birth: 3:34 h
Registration number: ČLP/VOK/8171
Birth order: fifth
Chip number:203098100245618
Colour of collar: caramel (beige)

Birth weight: 384 g

Weight: 38 kg
Height: 66 cm
scissor bite, full dentition, without white marks





Tyler is almost pure english blood (1/4 czech blood and ¾ english blood). More than half of ancestors come from the most successful kennel in England, from Sireva. Kennel Sireva was established in 1979 and came out of it a lot of champions who pass on to their offsprings exterior extraordinary qualitty. Tyler´s pedigree is lead on a very successful show and working bitch CH Carrenage Pizazz At Sireva, who was show and working champion (BIS at weimaraner club show, best weimaraner in 1997). Another successful dog in pedigree is legendary Sh Ch Flimmoric Fanclub, dog which had extraordinary exterior quality.


Tyler´s father Sireva Minstergate Paganini – Axel is show and working champion of England. He twice won  Best in show at weimaraner club show in England and won RCC – sekond best male in breed (out of 200 registered dogs) at Crufts!!! He is also excellent working dog, his perfect talent inherited from both parents. Axel´s father Sireva Twister is an enthusiastic worker in the field. His hunting skills were used by kennels in England, which specialized on breeding working lines of weimaraners. Axel´s mother Sireva Royalty At Minstergate is beautiful bitch light silver colour, excellent hunting talent which she showed from an early age. She is also show and working champion.
Tyler´s mother Eternal Vision At Sirius Nova – Gina come from one of most successful kennels in CZ, from Sirius Nova. She is one of bitches from very successful litter E, where was born 14 puppies. Gina is multiple Juniorchampion, Champion and Grandchampion. She is also International beauty champion C.I.B. and International show champion C.I.E. Her other three sisters from litter (Elizabeth The Queen, Enchanted By Elita, Essence Of Life) are also Multiple champions, even winners of Best in show and club show. After working side is Gina also very handy. Both her parents are versatile dogs and she went in their tracks. She has a lot of hunting exams and 3x all round exams. On International all round exams (with CACIT), she got I. prize and 6th place out of 20 dogs, and she was awarded for Best work on water! Gina´s mother Anastasia Sirius Nova is bitch with pure czech blood. She has all round exams in I. prize and she is multiple champion. Gina´s father Sireva Drake, dog imported from England to Czech Republic. He is the most successful weimaraner recent time in CZ. He has beautiful light silver colour, elegant exteriour and move, he attracted mainly his gorgeous head. Drake is Multiple Juniorchampion and Champion a lot of countries. He won several times Best in show in Czech Republic and abroad. He gained 33x Best of breed, 16x Best in group, 10x reserve best in group etc. He has all round exams so, he is also versatile dog.



Tyler comes from very successful litter C de Donawitz, which is excellent in show rings and also in work. Four (Carrie, Cartier, Casper, Coreen) out of six siblings have hunting exams (Ability exams, Field exams, Water exams, Forest exams) with high point scores. C litter is very successful in show rings, where they are regularly on first places since baby class. They are winners of class, sex, breed and group. Carrie, Cartier, Coreen and Cashmere are candidates champions of several countries.


Tyler´s show career started in baby class. First big success had already in age 9 months and 3 days, when he won his first CAJC, subsequently BOB and BIG 2! During the year finished his juniorchampionships of three countries. He is candidate of eight championships for now. I think the greatest achievement is of obtaining BISS – best in show at weimaraner club show in Slovakia. Tyler has several Best of breeds and Best in groups. He is successful in work. He has three exams (for now) in I. prize. Next season I will plan all round exams. The biggest success had on the forest exams, where had full points and became the winner of forest exams!



Overall, a very noble and elegant dog, excellent condition,full type of breed, well developed, strong bone, well defined masculine expression, beautiful noble male head with good ear, amber eyes, full scissor bite, dry well muscled neck, very good neckline, distinctive and perfectly formed forchest, very nice chest – deep enough and spacious, right top line, right bottom line, strong back, tail right placed and carried, correct angulation front and back legs, closed feet, perfect spacious movement, high quality silver-grey coat, dog friendly nature

Shows - baby, puppy and junior class


Hunting skills

In field Tyler has systematic and sustained search, almost 100 % standstill before game and strong point. He excels especially in the forest, where he can fully develop his passion for retrieving, he is able to retriever anything. On bloody track works with big taste as a leader on the leash. He has a perfect nose, so he has 100 % finding a game. He loves work in reeds and on the deep water shows calm work.

Hunting training



He has balanced and calm nature, without any signs of aggression, whether for humans or dogs, but he defends his territory and family members. He behaves to other dogs with respect. He is obedient and easy to train. Tyler is a huge darling, for carres is able to do anything.






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